Acella Pharmaceuticals

Acella Pharmaceuticals – USA – Announcements Regarding Its Voluntary Recalls

Acella Pharmaceuticals

Acella Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company with several nutrition supplement products manufactured in the United States. Acella Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest providers of nutraceuticals and health and wellness supplements in the world. They have been involved in manufacturing nutraceuticals and health and wellness products for more than 35 years.

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Acella Pharmaceuticals is part of the Neograft family of companies. Neograft is a specialty pharmaceutical company that manufactures and produces stem cells for use in the treatment of human malignancies. Acella Pharmaceuticals is developing its own product called Actonel. This product will be available on the market in the future as a prescription prenatal pill. Actonel will be in a form that will be absorbed into the bloodstream and will function as a synthetic hormone for women of childbearing age. It will stimulate the production of eggs and help to balance hormone levels.

Acella Pharmaceuticals was recently awarded a contract by the National Institute of Health to develop and manufacture two drugs presently under development. The first of these drugs is being designated as a “Phase I” drug, meaning that it is in early development and there are no clinical trials presently being conducted. The second potential drug is being designated as a “Phase IIb” drug and will undergo clinical trials within three years of the current application.

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The company is also developing a generic version of Actonel that is intended for use in women who do not respond to the oral form of the medicine in the same way that the new version will. The generic drug is scheduled for release under the trade name Metformin. Acella Pharmaceuticals, however, is not currently facing competition from companies that produce and market prescription prenatal pills that have been known for several years. Acella’s primary competitor for this particular market within the specialty pharmaceutical company category is Sanofi Aventis.

Another pharmaceutical company that is working on an alternative to Actonel is Novartis. The company is currently testing an active ingredient assay for the combination of l-lysine and levothyroxine. This compound has been tested in animals and appears to have some positive results.

Acella Pharmaceuticals Np Thyroid Recall

Acella Pharmaceuticals is also voluntarily recalling its thyroid products such as Levothyroxine, Anafranil, and Reglan. These products were individually distributed to pharmacies in various parts of the US by Acella Pharmaceuticals. At this time, the manufacturer of these medications is not aware of any immediate threats to people using these products. However, the manufacturer has placed all of these products in recall in an effort to stop any potential threat to the public from contaminated supplies.

In the UK, Acella Pharmaceuticals is also voluntarily recalling its thyroid tablets including Levothyroxine, Anafranil, and Reglan. At this time there are no health hazards identified from these products. However, consumers should avoid these products and contact their physician if they experience any symptoms including fatigue, appetite loss, or nausea after taking these medicines. Consumers who use these products should contact Acella Pharmaceuticals immediately to report for further consultation.

Of course, it is important for pharmaceuticals to monitor their production processes closely so that dangerous issues do not rise and affect the public. As part of their manufacturing standards, Acella Pharmaceuticals is required to verify the purity and strength of the ingredients of each of their thyroid tablets. If a problem arises with one of the products, they must address this promptly and report the issue to the FDA. By voluntarily recalling these products, Acella Pharmaceuticals demonstrates they are willing to address safety concerns and keep the public informed.

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