Beyond A Steel Sky

An Honest Opinion About Beyond A Steel Sky

Beyond A Steel Sky is definitely a must-have game for any fan of first-person shooters. The game is definitely better than the original Metal Gear Solid, but it’s not a huge success by any means. I’d say Beyond A Steel Sky suffers from the same problems as the older games did, but puts it on an equal level due to improvements. For a fan of this genre, this game comes highly recommended.

Beyond A Steel Sky

Beyond A Steel Sky picked up where Metal Gear Solid left off; you’re still in the world of the Solid State, where you battle through hostile territory to reach an abandoned train station. This is where the first game starts, and where the hints are incredibly useful in making things go further than you originally intended. Without the hint system, the story can be too open and boring at times. I don’t want to give too much away, but Beyond A Steel Sky gives you a taste of what happens after the main story. You’ll have more encounters with robots and soldiers, and get introduced to some interesting side characters. The hint system is still present, so there’s no need to worry about missing anything.

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The main complaint against Beyond A Steel Sky is that it doesn’t have as many levels as the original. It starts out with only one train station, and you can jump from platform to platform with an aerial lift. This makes platform gaming a little less interesting, but that’s not saying it’s bad. The limited number of levels can also make it difficult to find the hidden items, but I’m sure you’ll find them eventually. I just wish Beyond A Steel Sky had more levels.

This game borrows some design elements from the classic beneath the sea series. If you like those games you’ll definitely like Beyond A Steel Sky. Graphics are similar to the older games, but they still look amazing. There’s nothing to compare to the excellent gameplay from the classic beneath the sea games, however. That being said, the new game is still a quality game and doesn’t lose the fun it had while it was entertaining.

When the gamer is stuck in a single location they can visit different sites along the tracks. Along the way, a robotic in human form temptress named Kup tries to seduce them. The journey through the different environments is great, and it’s a nice change of pace for the gamer.

The game isn’t just about exploration and sneaking around. The developers included a bit of puzzle-solving as well, which makes Beyond A Steel Sky a more interactive experience. Kup is a robot that was once part of a team that created the electric barge that carries your luggage across the ocean. As a result, he has a personality that changes depending upon the situation, and the adventure he finds himself in. You’ll also find an all-new game named Leon that comes with this version.

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This game focuses heavily on stealth and having a keen sense of timing. The environments aren’t as large or as varied as the ocean floor, so I imagine that Beyond A Steel Sky has quite a few more scenes to explore. The star of the show, however, is definitely the customizable snake called the Devilfish. The snake’s AI is really impressive, and the game is truly meant for adventure gamers who are looking to do a bit of hidden object adventure.

The above paragraphs only touched on a handful of the different aspects of Beyond A Steel Sky. I really want to give everyone who plays this game a fair chance because this is one of the best-looking games out right now. It’s full of hidden object scenes and unique features such as the ability to trigger puzzles, but it’s also filled with adventure. I highly recommend this game to people looking for an all-action, point-and-click interface combined with puzzle-solving.

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