May 3, 2021
Cloud Gaming Technology Will Enable Previously Unthinkable Gaming Experiences

Cloud Gaming Technology Will Enable Previously Unthinkable Gaming Experiences

Superb Xbox Game Pass Cloud gaming technology, or Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, has only increased the number of players who have joined Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and are already numbered in the millions. Microsoft’s current cloud game manager talked about the new opportunities offered by cloud gaming technology to create previously impossible experiences.

James Gwertzman, the former CEO and co-founder of PlayFab, now Microsoft’s current CEO for cloud gaming, was recently interviewed by Gamerant; There was talk that with the current Xbox Game Pass Cloud gaming experience you can create games where multiple players can interact with environments that can be alone in the cloud. Below is James Gwertzman’s explanation on this topic:

Cloud Gaming and automatic dubbing

This is not the only thing that was talked about and was also called the possibility of using a tool that simulates a person’s voice, taking only a few dozen sentences as an example and lowering the costs for small developers in an unsuspected way, a technology that we had already heard of before and that could also facilitate quick dubbing of thousands of phrases. Here’s this part of the interview:

We are at a time when the potential of cloud games is only in its early days and it seems that Microsoft is in Pole Position. Are you excited about cloud gaming?

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