May 3, 2021
Ikea Presents Its Line Of Gaming Accessories

Ikea Presents Its Line Of Gaming Accessories

Ikea continues to expand its furniture and accessories catalogs with one of its most desired new lines, focused on video game players.

It is strange that IKEA has taken so long to create a gaming line of furniture and accessories, considering that it is a sector that usually spends money on these things.

It is true that it already sold a chair or table focused on video games, but now in collaboration with the manufacturer of peripherals and laptops Asus ROG, it has created a gaming line made up of more than 30 furniture and accessories.

In the cover photo, you can see two of the most popular items: the wooden hand to hold headphones, cables, and other peripherals, and the glass that does not spill, to avoid splashing on the keyboard in the middle of an epic Fortnite battle.

IKEA has prepared a varied collection that includes gaming chairs, tables to place the computer with large drawers to store the controls, as well as light rings to illuminate the room, and much more. In total, six gaming product lines: HUVUDSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UPPSPEL, LÅNESPELARE.

One of the defining characteristics of these video game accessories is their neutral design, which is suitable for both boys and girls. It is an important decision, considering that in many cases gaming peripherals are designed with male gamers in mind, with aggressive colors and lots of RGB lights, despite the fact that almost half of the gamers are girls.

This is how Ewa Richert, the head of the development of the gaming line, explains in The Verge: ” The needs of billions of players around the world are very diverse, while the existing offer is quite technical and, often, perceived as a masculine design, despite the fact that about 46 percent of the players are women.

This new IKEA gaming line is now available in China, at very affordable prices. For example, the wooden hand on the cover only costs 16 euros, and the gaming chair, 38 euros. The neck cushion barely reaches 4 euros, and the glass that does not spill, including table hook, 11 euros.

IKEA’s gaming line will arrive in Japan in May, and Europe in October.

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