May 3, 2021
Lo Gaming Blizzcon 2021

Lo Gaming Blizzcon 2021

The climate of disenchantment continues to crack down among the community without a very clear solution, or at least without one that is really expected. The possibility of Overwatch 2 is the one that nevertheless, continues to encourage the mass of fans that is revealing itself by receiving news about their favorite video games. There have been no spoilers with enough credibility to spoil the outcome of BlizzCon 2021.

However, this second day of the convention has been taken advantage of by organizers to look beyond the screen. One of the most important ceremonies that have taken place has undoubtedly been the delivery of the Cosplay category Award, which has taken the internet user @HartiganCosplay, thanks to a spectacular creation that undoubtedly evokes the fictional character Bolvar Fordragon.

The community has reacted to this election, which had so much and so much competition. Cosplays have been part of gaming since its inception, and many artists struggle with each other to look more like their favorite figures. Thousands of interactions already count the tweet in which it has been announced and the counterparts by profession have wanted to congratulate the winner.

This will look like Diablo 2 Resurrected, as shown in BlizzCon 2021

While the BlizzCon 2021 Day 2 has been almost free of news, it has served to continue to show images of what’s coming soon. The release of Diablo 2 Resurrected will take place earlier this year, reported on opening day, and the images are frankly promising.

Diablo 2’s presentation trailer Resurrected already warned that the mechanics that made the Diablo saga so famous would be completely immovable, through a continuing line justified under the concept of “classic”, which has become so fashionable in both BlizzCom 2021and Nintendo Direct, although in the case of the Japanese company they prefer to cover it with an “HD” at the end of the title.

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