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Michael Keaton Confirmed to Return As Batman in ‘The Flash’

Michael Keaton confirmed to return as Batman in The Flash movie

It has just been announced that Michael Keaton will be returning as Batman in The Flash. Some may be confused but this is actually good news for fans of the hit television show. If you are a Batman fan, you surely know how much your favorite hero means to you. He’s an icon you always see in action and in the costumes he wears. He’s the one everyone looks up to.

Well, here we are almost four years later and he still continues to be the most popular superhero character in the comic book world. In the meantime though, he’s had to overcome many injuries that keep him off the screen and in the role he plays. However, now fans can rest assured that the hit television series, The Flash, won’t be without its comic book star. Michael Keaton will be back as Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie.

Michael Keaton Batman Returns

You probably saw his name in the headlines, when the news of his casting came out. But did you know that he is also starring in the upcoming Shrek 3? That’s two movies that he has been in that aren’t part of the DC Extended Universe. Since he is so familiar with both his role as Batman and his stint as Shrek, it was only natural for him to want to return as the hero. He has described the role as being a mix between the Dark Knight and Shrek.

One of the more interesting aspects of The Flash, besides the fact that Michael Keaton is involved, is that he will be playing a character who doesn’t have any superpowers. He is a construction worker and speedster who use his ingenuity and speed to complete his various tasks. This will be a refreshing change for the character of Batman, who in the past has been depicted as being brawny and powerful. It is a change that has some fans excited while others find it annoying.

However, it is interesting that the studio that is producing the film, Warner Bros., decided not to include any superpowers in the story. This means that the character of The Flash will be an entirely new character. The producers must make sure that they do this so that future film directors can create a story around a new lead. The reason why the character is not given any powers is simply to keep the character new and exciting for the audience. It would be too easy to use the same old Batman V Superman formula and then make the film boring and slow moving.

It may sound confusing but the producers of The Flash have actually explained what exactly makes The Flash different from other comic book heroes. In the comics, the Flash is a master of speed who can fly. The first time we saw The Flash in the animated TV show, he was shown using his speed to fly across an airport. This was a great idea but often this is what film directors want to avoid. They want to keep their hero fresh and dynamic so that the audience always wants to know what new trick The Flash is up to. The Flash’s latest adventure in the series was based around a break-in at a chemical plant which left The Flash with limited capabilities.

Diane Keaton Michael Keaton

Instead of using his speed to fly, The Flash decided to create his own kinetic energy. This allowed him to run faster than ever before, and to Dodge bullets. He was even able to deflect bullets aimed at his face! It sounds like a much more interesting character than what we’ve seen from The Dark Knight Rises and it will be interesting to see what director Christopher Nolan gets done with the character of The Flash. Hopefully he gives us something to aspire to in future films.

In the meantime, all eyes are on the cast of the film, which includes Michael Keaton as The Flash, Tom Hardy as The Phantom, and Anne Hathaway as Queen Amidala. I’m not sure if I’d like to see Hardy in the role of The Flash, I feel as though he plays the character too cool. If he were to do this role, I’m betting that The Dark Knight Rises would be far less successful, because audiences would not be so willing to see an entirely new character. Hopefully, we will get to see The Flash again, I’m sure everyone will enjoy his new take on the superhero.

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