May 3, 2021
Razer Kishi For Android, Analysis, And Opinion

Razer Kishi For Android, Analysis, And Opinion

We have turned our mobile into a portable console thanks to the Kishi, a remote that attaches to the sides of the phone and turns it into a kind of Nintendo Switch with Android, with all that this implies at the catalog level. After playing for a few weeks with the peripheral, we tell you our feelings in this review of the Razer Kishi.

There are players who, unfairly in my opinion, do not consider the mobile phone a worthy or ‘real’ platform to enjoy video games. It is true that those Facebook video games or Candy Crush did a lot of damage, as well as the lazy versions of PC and console games, but more than 10 years of that have passed and things have changed a lot.

Now, there are games designed specifically for mobiles, very good ports of classic games, and adaptations of more current titles that can be perfectly enjoyed on the mobile phone. And the thing is, the mobile is still a very powerful console to which you have to take advantage of since due to processing power and screen quality, it is above the rest of the laptops on the market.

With the arrival of Stadia analysis and xCloud -analysis, as well as Xbox and PlayStation remote gaming, it seems that more people are jumping on the mobile bandwagon as a portable console, and to improve the ergonomics and control of video games, there are different controls and adapters.

What we are dealing with today is the analysis of the Razer Kishi for Android, a controller or adapter that we have been testing for a few weeks playing both titles in the cloud and native games for mobile phones, and then we share our opinion.

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