May 3, 2021
Redmi Will Launch This Year Its First Mobile Gaming With The Density 1200

Redmi Will Launch This Year Its First Mobile Gaming With The Density 1200

Gaming phones continue their way in the market although the number of models is still limited, more and more brands are deciding to launch into this sector. Xiaomi, for example, already has Black Shark phones that are not exactly part of its family but do share its ecosystem, and now they are preparing a new launch.

In this case, the launch will take place, already confirmed, through the Redmi brand of the Chinese manufacturer. Redmi will take advantage of the launch of the latest MediaTek processors, the Density 1200, to launch a ‘gaming’ phone with them on board, and said the phone will arrive in this year 2021.

3GHz, 5G and a screen that could reach 168Hz

The news has given Lu Weibing, CEO of Redmi, through Weibo. In the most important social network in his country, Weibing confirms that Redmi works on a ‘gaming’ phone to add to its catalog, which would become the first of many, and that it will arrive throughout this 2021, without specifying a more specific date.

Weibing indicates, yes, that the future Redmi ‘gaming’ will carry the new MediaTek 1200, one of the main alternatives to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 along with the latest Samsung Exynos 2100. Although Weibing already only refers to the fact that his phone will carry 5G, the presence of this processor already makes it possible to anticipate some quite powerful features.

To start with, we come across an eight-core processor that shares part of the Snapdragon 888’s cluster system, although without customizing the lithographs. We have in front a Cortex A78 core running at 3GHz, then three Cortex A78 cores running at 2.6GHz to close with four Cortex A55 cores at 2GHz. Without a doubt, a powerful processor.

In addition, we have the Mali G77 GPU with 9 rendering cores taking care of all the graphic aspect and a very important feature for the ‘gaming’ sector: the Density 1200 allows mounting FullHD + screens with up to 168Hz refresh rate. We do not know which panel the future Redmi phone will opt for but its ceiling is quite high in this regard.

We are waiting for this Redmi for most gamers to begin to filter over the weeks because the first step, of the officiality, has already been produced in the mouth of the CEO of the brand. Weibing further indicates that it will be traded at a price that cannot be rejected. We’ll see if he keeps his promise.

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