May 4, 2021
The best gaming mobiles to play in 2021

The best gaming mobiles to play in 2021

The mobile game in 2020 goes much further than the classic Snake, the Candy Crush phenomenon, or the fireproof Pokémon GO, and seeing the deployment that Activision Blizzard, Epic, or Riot Game s itself are doing, it is time to take it a lot more seriously. Above all, with experiences as well adapted to the format as Genshin Impact, PUBG, or Minecraft.

Although Google, Microsoft, or Amazon open the doors to mobile gaming thanks to their respective cloud services, the reality is that not all mobiles are capable of displaying the visual achievement of games like Call of Duty Mobile and, at the same time, withstand the performance of the most demanding and long games.

Precisely for this reason, manufacturers such as ASUS and Lenovo have decided to launch their own terminals adapted to the needs of most gamers. And they are not the only ones: through the Black Shark brand, companies like Xiaomi itself seek to participate directly (or indirectly) in the race to become the top benchmark in mobile gaming.

With that objective ahead, we have placed ourselves in the hands of two true authorities. Because several of the best Xataka mobile analyzes have something in common, it is the firm Anna Martí; and few, very few, have an eye for technology like Eva Rodríguez de Luis, head of Xataka Selección no less.

The best gaming mobiles to play in 2021

At VidaExtra we have developed a very special guide for you to update your terminal or be completely right when it comes to giving a mobile phone, divided into two parts:

  • On the one hand, offer essential advice and recommendations when comparing models and brands and answer a basic question: what should I look at when reviewing the characteristics?
  • But, in addition, Anna and Eva have recommended us several specific models, which we have accompanied -of course- with their corresponding analyzes and impressions, as well as a reference price.

If you were tempted to buy a new mobile and you are passionate about video games, you have come to the right place. Of course, first things first: establish what we must require from a phone to play property in 2020.

Essential tips and recommendations for playing in 2021

That the design of a mobile is elegant or with character and that it has a very good camera is very good, but if what you are looking for is to get the best gaming mobile, those specific aspects can be considered great added pluses.

Here are the five characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing your next mobile if, in addition to reviewing your social networks, your priority is to have the best gaming experience:

Screen size and resolution

Our starting point could not be another: unless we opt for peripherals or connect specific controls, the screen of our device will also serve to control the action through gestures or buttons represented on the screen.

The logical thing is to opt for a size with which we feel comfortable and that, added to its resolution, guarantees us the best visibility regardless of the game, counting on our thumbs to claim part of the space dedicated to what is shown on the screen.

Although it is the user who must establish their ideal size, as a reference, we recommend screens between 6.67 inches and 7.1 inches. Giving priority, yes, to those capable of offering more resolution. Because it is not the same to play in FullHD + (2,400 x 1080 pixels) than in 2K + (3,120 x 1,440 pixels).

What is the refresh rate?

In addition to the size and resolution of the screen, a fundamental aspect that deserves to be treated separately is its refresh rate. Not only in terms of the quality of the game but the importance it has for competitive experiences.

To put it in some way, the refresh rate is what determines the fluidity, the degree of sharpness, and even the level of contrast of what appears on the screen, so that our priority – depending on the budget, of course – will be to bet by terminals 90 Hz onwards.

It would be unfair to say that the refresh rate is only associated with the screen itself since, in essence, it is the frequency with which a screen updates the number of images it shows per second, and that also implies the GPU of our mobile . But we’ll talk about that a little more below.

Comfort and design tailored for games

Unless we are clear that we are going to use accessories or dedicated peripherals, comfort when playing is not optional. Many terminal models focused on gaming offer more ergonomic finishes and adapted to the horizontal use of the screen.

In addition, several models, such as the Nubia RedMagic 5G and RedMagic 5S, anticipate the needs of each player by introducing small buttons on one of the sides, perfect to use as a trigger. All of these factors add up.

Processor and RAM

Both the processor and RAM are two essential aspects. Ultimately, not only will they determine the quality and graphic power that appears on the screen, but they will determine the efficiency, performance, and, by extension, the gaming experience itself.

It is quite common for gaming mobiles to opt for Qualcomm components: processors such as the new Snapdragon not only match the demands of gamers but also adapt wonderfully to the most powerful games. Which includes an optimal experience in online games, being prepared for WiFi 6 and 5G, achieving downloads of up to 3.5Gbps in 5G SA.

As for RAM, it is currently recommended that we look for terminals that offer between 8 GB and 12 GB. And, although we are aware that it is time to stick to each one’s budget, having a good processor and enough RAM should be our top priority when choosing a terminal.

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