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Tom Cruise is back in the role of Alex Cross, he played in the first of the Alex Cross movies. While it was good that he had a role to play in one of the most popular movies of the year, I am not sure that I loved the movie very much. It lacked the excitement that it had when it was first released, and overall the film played out like a typical Tom Cruise film. Well, I am glad that I do not have to see any more of Alex Cross because it was a dull and boring film. So here are a few facts about the film that you may find interesting.

First of all, did you know that Alex Cross was actually based on a true story? True enough, this is the reason why the movie is so successful. It is based on a real case of mistaken identity, where someone who did not look alike was given the same name, and given the same identity as someone else. This is why the star of the movie was so successful. People can forget about their own identity for a while, they are so caught up in believing in the main character that they forget that they are not actually seeing the same person.

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One of the most interesting things that I found about the movie is how Tom Cruise plays the role of a Hollywood action hero. You would be hard-pressed to find a star like Cruise, who plays a role that is not based on an actual hero. In this movie, Cruise plays the part of a military consultant, who goes into the field to help out a group of people. Cruise does a pretty good job of playing an action hero, which helps his fans accept him as an action hero. Most of the characters in the movie are based on real people, and his fans will buy right along with the character if they see a man they admire acting in a movie.

One movie that is considered to be one of the best Tom Cruise movies is Collateral. In this movie, Cruise plays attorney Aaron Crane, who travels back and forth between two places in the world. He tries to help out an anti-hero by getting the information that he needs from people he knows. The one problem is that many people believe that Cruise is merely a character in the movie who is there to go on about his greatness. If you look at the movie and analyze it closely, you can see that Cruise is actually an action hero and did play that part quite well.

Another movie that is a big fan of Tom Cruise’s is Vanilla Sky. This is one movie that you should definitely see. As far as movies go, this one ranks right up there with the best of them. It takes the plot of a romance movie and combines it with a high-flying chase scene and some very good one-liners.

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One other great movie starring Tom Cruise is Vanilla Sky. This movie was directed by David Fincher and is considered to be one of his better films. It depicts the life of Bradley Cooper, who is a likable leading man and a very likable character. The movie also portrays the ups and downs of life in general, and how people deal with life in general.

One movie that might not have been so popular is Rain Main. This is an okay movie that most people probably didn’t care for but it was a great romantic comedy. It stars Ben Stiller again playing a guy that finds himself in love with a woman that he thought he would have never met in real life. This movie has some really nice visual effects and is worth the time if you are looking for a simple and kind heart-string romantic comedy. It was made by and starring Ben Stiller again for his second attempt at a good movie.

These are just a few of the many great movies Tom Cruise has made during his illustrious career. He has been able to take some lesser-known roles and make them great roles that people can enjoy. He has proven that he can bring out the best of any actor and a great Hollywood star like Tom Cruise has proved that with some of his films that will go down as some of the greatest movies of all time.

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